We rely on BRT express courier for our shipments.                                                                          

Orders are shipped within 1-2 working days. 

During festivities and especially during Christmas holidays, delays in deliveries can occur.              

As soon as the shipment process begins, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number.


Delivery costs are charged to the “Costumer”.          

Deliveries are made during business hours (9 a.m – 18 p.m) from Monday to Friday at the address indicated by the user and according to the procedures outlined in the final order summary.                                                  

Notice of attempted delivery:


In case of absence at the time of delivery, a notice of attempted delivery will be sent via sms or email to the recipient, to communicate the date and approximate time of the new delivery, normally scheduled for the following day.      

On receipt of this communication, the recipient will find the code needed to plan:              

-A new delivery to the same address in another day/hour.                                                                                                      

-A new delivery to a different address.

-A scheduled pick up at the appropriate brt branch (depot).


In the case of non-collection within the maximum limit set by the carrier, the goods return by the “Provider” of the authorization, who will reimburse the price of the amount of products but without shipping costs.


"Provider" makes deliveries by mail and / or courier. Shipping charges and other expenses related to transport and / or shipment of products shall be paid by the "Customer" counted and clearly itemized in the order confirmation and in the invoice.


Upon receipt of the goods to your home the customer must verify the integrity of the package. The "Customer" when it receives from the courier of visibly damaged parcels and / or stained by wine spill, must immediately reject the shipment to the sender and the "Provider" will collect the parcel and the restoration of the expedition. "Customer", if the shipment should include more parcels and not all are corrupt, it will reject the damaged package to the sender signing the DDT (transport document) of the courier "With Reserve" and the "Provider" will return to the damaged package and the replacement of the same . The "Provider", if the product to be replaced was exhausted, promptly contact the "Customer" to agree on the replacement of the same (with another of equal value) or, in the alternative, to order the re-crediting of the payment. The shipping costs for the return of a damaged package and delivery of the new one are paid by the "Provider".


"Supplier", cashed the price (except in the cases of payment of cash on delivery) will cover the timely dispatch of the products ordered. No responsibility can be attributed to the "Supplier" for late or non delivery due to circumstances beyond the owner is not responsible for damage to products after delivery by the courier or delays attributable to the latter.