Efren the man

Efren is a sprightly enthusiastic man, smitten by the beauty of the territory and its crisp freshness. He strives to both sustain traditional winemaking methods and recapture the flavours and sensations of the environment in his Prosecco. Motivated by the social and human aspect of wine, Efren really appreciates how a glass of wine can open so many new friendships and create interesting and stimulating exchanges between people.


Vineyard and Terrain

The Vineyard, Le Mire, sits on beautiful rolling hills with a sunny southeast facing exposition.  The soil is of a medium texture and extremely clayey. With a dense establishment of 2800 vines spread over 2 hectares, Le Mire, adopts the spalliera (back to back) system of breeding the vines (½ single, ½ double), which generates a production of circa 15,000 bottles per annum.


The Liessi family have cultivated the land of Refrontolo where the vineyard, Le Mire, stands for more than two centuries. At the beginning of the 1900’s, Efren’s grandmother, Caterina, inherited seven hectares of hills covered in mulberry trees, figs, olives and vines, and it’s from this point in time that we find traces of viticulture in Efren’s direct family line. 

1900 – 1945

Shortly after Caterina’s marriage to Augusto, the cultivation of grape from their land was circa 3-400 quintals, an ample quantity considering the era. Blessed with ten children, the large family worked hard to nourish and improve their extensive land and consequently, the quality of the grape and the wine.

1946 – 1974

Efren’s father, Evaristo, moved to Switzerland in 1960 and Augusto and his remaining family continued with their works to make the soil of their hills more fertile and improve the quality of their wine.

1975 – 1984

Efren’s grandparents and uncles were getting too old to manage the work on the vineyard so Efren’s father decided to shift his family back to Refrontolo from Switzerland to help them.  In the early 1980’s both Augusto and Caterina passed on and the land was divided amongst their remaining children.

1985 – Today

In the mid 80’s Efren and his brother, Jean Claude became the third generation to work the land when they inherited two hectares of hill, already completely dedicated to vine cultivation. Immediately, they brought about noticeable improvements in the management of the vineyard, from an agricultural, technological and commercial perspective.

They employed a professional oenologist and agronomist and in 2005 they fulfilled their grandfather Augusto’s dream by succeeding to distribute their wine in bottles.

Today, Le Mire is united with other winemakers in the area to defend traditional viticulture methods.

Always keeping an open eye on technological advancements, their interpretation of prosecco is a tasty synthesise between antique traditions and the most advanced technology.