The superior culture

The zone of grape cultivation from where we obtain the classified wine, “Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG“ is composed of a hilly area in the pre-alps, which consists of 16 local councils in the district of Treviso. This area has recently been nominated as a world heritage site of UNESCO for its unique and beautiful landscape and in 2016, because of its unique winemaking traditions, it became the European capital of oenological culture.

Prosecco DOCG is produced from the Glera grape, which grows on a native vine of the hills. For more than 300 years the cultivation of the Glera has been developed and perfected in the hills and consequently, the prosecco produced, best interprets and accentuates its characteristic flavours, which are naturally superior.

Prosecco DOCG is superior because of its microclimate that has well-delineated seasons. Thanks to its morphological- geographical position, the hill area is protected from the cold northern winds of the Dolomite Mountains and from the south it delights in the warm temperatures of the Venetian Laguna, which sits at a distance of only 40 km. The temperature excursions between day and night develop in the grape aromatic composts, which elevate the quality of the fruit. The frequent summer rainfall on the hills guarantees the required water supply and sufficient drainage for the glera, which is highly sensible to both stagnated water and droughts.

Prosecco DOCG is Superior because it is cultivated on terrain that has a rich diversity, which accentuates its flavours. Some grapes are grown on earth predominantly made

up of clay with a hazelnut colour, it has a rich sand and shell texture and it produces grapes with a lush sugar content. Other grapes are grown on earth that is red in colour and generally made up of clay and stones. It has a high iron content, which produces a robust, fruity and harmonic grape. We also have grapes grown on earth that is made up of marble and sandstone; this combination produces grapes with inherent high floral and white fruit flavours.

In the zone of prosecco DOCG there are around 3800 vineyards that can produce max. 135 quintal of grape per hectare. The impervious steep slopes of the hills require a lot of the work to be done manually and it has engaged the lives and hard work of generations of men and women from the area in traditional viticulture methods for centuries.

Their passion and knowledge can be tasted in the prosecco DOCG, which we’re glad to offer you.

It isn’t a coincidence that this area is one of the 70 most prestigious winemaking zones of Italy to have been awarded the denomination DOCG. So, when you find yourself in front of a bottle of prosecco, control the label well. If you want to drink a spumante wine that is the identity of a territory and an expression of centuries of winemaking traditions, choose Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, without a doubt you’ll taste the difference.