Paolo the man

Paolo De Stefani is a genuinely honest man, with an abundance of respect for the earth, the vine and for the lover of wine. He believes firmly that wine should be made with awareness and consequently dedicates his life to the cultivation and production of organic Prosecco, in the hope that one-day, all viticulture methods will become traditional, natural and in harmony with the earth

History of the vineyard

Vineyard and Terrain: the vineyard, Ai Rorè, sits risen on an elevation of 216 metres above sea level. The soil is of a medium texture made up predominantly of clay and limestone. It is mostly situated to the south with the “Riva”, exclusively south-facing. The system of breeding the vines is sub-divided into 2/3 sylvoz and 1/3 doubled overturned. With a dense establishment of 2800 plants per hectare, the vineyard, Ai Rorè, is completely organic and produces circa 30,000 bottles per year.

For more than 700 years
, Paolo’s family have lived and cultivated the land on the hill they call, ‘Rore’, in the heart of the Prosecco Road between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, but it wasn’t until the early 1950’s that Paolo’s grandfather, Gregorio, laid the roots for the winery we find today. Along with a lot of help from his friends in the sleepy village of Refrontolo, Gregorio took on the radical task of improving and preparing the land for a larger production of grapes, in the centre of the zone that is nominated today, “DOCG Prosecco Superiore”

Between the 50’s and 70’s, Gregorio, his sons and grandsons continued their work to enrich both the land and vines and inevitably, the quality of their prosecco. By having orchard fruits and cattle on the hill they were guaranteed natural fertilisation and a richer quality of soil.

By the 70’s more than half the hill was used for vine cultivation, however selling wine didn’t generate enough money for the large family to live on and they earned their living from all aspects of their farming life; breeding and selling cattle, milk, chickens, eggs, silkworms, figs, fruits and firewood.

In 1990, Paolo suggested that his family become certified as organic winemakers and in fact, because of all the hard work Gregorio and his sons had done to improve the land over the years, they obtained the organic certificate, very quickly in 1992, becoming one of the few wineries to produce organic prosecco in the DOCG area.

For the last 10 years Paolo has been working with the university of Padua, devoting both some of his time and vines to the research into natural products in the battle against parasites. Paulo and his son don’t use any chemical manures in their vineyard, opting for vegetable products that are rich in phosphorus and high in potassium, all to ensure a production of prosecco that’s genuinely healthy.

And like so, the generations, traditions and cycles of life continue.