Giuseppe the man

Giuseppe Liessi is a sincere and straightforward man, with an abundance of passion and respect for the territory and its winemaking traditions, which sparkle out from his Prosecco. As a renowned oenologist, his knowledge is undeniable and he ethically dedicates his life to producing traditionally flawless Prosecco in harmony with the territory.

History of the vineyard

Vineyard and Terrain

The Vineyard, Col De Moin, di Liessi, sits on soft rolling, south facing hills that delight in a full exposition of sun. The soil is of a medium texture made up of predominantly clay and limestone. The system of breeding the vines is sub-divided, for the major part into sylvoz, with the remainder using the cappuccina system. With a dense establishment of 2500 vines per hectare, the vineyard, Col De Moin, di Liessi, remains faithful to the territory and its traditions, producing circa 40,000 bottles per annum.


Giuseppe’s family have always lived in the hills of Refrontolo; in the heart of the territory nominated Prosecco Superiore DOCG between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, and the story behind the vineyard, Liessi is a heroic one.

1892 – 1929

Giuseppe Sr. was born into an extended family in Refrontolo and in 1912, at twenty years old he set off on a ship from Genova heading to New York in search of work and a new life. In 1917, Giuseppe became an American, but soon he was called up to serve in the American army. As he had a high command of both the Italian and English language he was posted to a special core and left the army without ever shooting a bullet. At the end of 1929, having been rewarded well for his services, he returned home to Refrontolo a hero, with enough funds to buy the 4 hectares of rolling hills where the vineyard, Liessi stands today.

1930 – 1965

Giuseppe, his brothers, their sons and grandsons laboured long and faithfully to fertilise the land, which had an extensive range of diverse agricultural cultures and like most of the other farmers in the area, they earned their living from fruit trees, the cultivation of silkworms, cattle breeding and a small production of wine.

1966 - 1989

In 1966, Giuseppe’s vineyard became one of the originals on the newly inaugurated, ‘White Wine Road’ and his son, Leone, amplified the cultivation of vines, taking on the motto, tradition and attention to the land.

1990 – Oggi

Giuseppe Jr. and his brother Vittorino took over the running of the vineyard. Immediately they dedicated most of their land to the cultivation of vines, intermingled with territorial vegetation, in their quest to produce flawlessly traditional varieties of Prosecco, “beautifully dedicated to those who know how to distinguish and appreciate the efforts of a man who gives all of himself to the tradition and the capacity to innovate”.

Since the last ten years Giuseppe dedicates some of his time to regenerating antique vines and is often called upon by the Italian Sommelier Association to give lectures and seminars on traditional viticulture and winemaking methods.