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crafted wine accessories

crafted wine accessories

Jewellery, like a good bottle of wine is without time, it participates in many of the most important moments of our lives and is witness to many emotional memories. Italy is known all over the world for its beauty and superior qualities and varieties of wine but it’s just as well known as one of the world leaders in gold and jewellery.

When I first came to live in Italy I noticed almost immediately the high quality of artisan products in the market, be it wine, food, clothes or jewellery, everywhere I went my path crossed with someone who followed traditional Italian ways with passion to create precious unique hand made products.

Unfortunately, over the years, commercialism and hence industrialism is continuously growing and this not only has a huge impact on local artisans but also provokes new working ethics that can bring about the loss of traditions and the unique hand made quality that Italy is famedfor.

The goldsmith laboratory Nigi, at the bottom of via Dante in the Italian mountain spa town, Levico Terme, Trentino is a perfect example of the rare hidden traditional gems that Italy still has to offer. Stefano Sangiorgio, the artisan jeweller and owner of the laboratory sits quietly at his workbench in the back of the shop realizing tailor made jewellery. He follows exclusively traditional methods and realizes each unique hand made piece with patience, awareness and love for hisjob.

As it’s our objective to sustain and preserve traditional and organic wines we decided to collaborate with Stefano at Nigi’s in realizing a “wine line” of unique accessories that also sustain and preserve Italian traditions and qualities that are today becoming rarer.

Stefano has realized a unique hand-made salvagocce in both silver and bronze exclusively for dVINOWINES. Beautiful wines and beautiful accessories, ideal for beautiful memories.

Together we can sustain and preserve True Italian Traditions!